Energy Sembilan Perkasa


our journey


It was an honor to have an opportunity learning from the legend in Global Touring experts; Clair Brothers, and aiming to be a high-end system level for the market.

The working - training and Sharing System with worldwide touring company around the world becomes the challenge to level up our consistency and services as a high-end player in the industry.

It is an once in the lifetime chance for an Indonesian company and team to working eagerly for an international act; a Rolling Stone ‘On Fire Tour’ in Asia Pacific, as represented by Clair system. Closing the year with Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams Tour, delivering the black box with an Australian legendary engineer, Mr. Bruce and collaborating with LiveNation for Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour in Asia Pacific.

We set the standard for a big local sports ceremony, which created beautifully by the Indonesian government. It involves creating big outdoor shows with rich dance choreography by Jay Subyakto, musical orchestra by Erwin Gutawa and massive art stage, directed by Inet Leimena, which takes place at The National Monument in Jakarta.

Further we having more capital and capacity to please global demands. We work with the best people to create integrated solution and positive Energy in our company. Together we can create history in Global entertainment markets.